Skyrocket Your Business With a Steady Stream of Clients.

No cold calls. No pitching. Just genuine relationships.


Welcome to Get LinkedUp, the step-by-step proven LinkedIn system that will take you from being your industry’s best-kept secret to go-to expert in just six weeks.

Do you wonder why other people are rocking your industry and raking in the money…when you know your product is actually better than theirs?

Here’s their secret: They have better connections than you do.

Even if they’re not a big fish, they’re swimming in the right ponds. They’re building strong relationships with influential people.

That’s the power of networking, and no business can survive without it.

That’s always been the case, but now, you don’t have to waste time trekking to an endless round of business networking meetings every morning, in the hope that you ‘might’ run into someone who can help. With LinkedIn, you have the potential to reach an international stage with a few clicks.

And because LinkedIn is all about relationships, you get the opportunity not only to meet influencers, but to BE an influencer. You can make a difference to someone else, and when you know how to do that strategically, magic happens.​​​​​​​

LinkedIn is the secret sauce between business stagnation and rapid success.

With LinkedIn you can network in a way that’s authentic, true, and based on mutual benefit and lasting relationships.

Say goodbye to sleazy sales tactics, to marketing by shouting the loudest in a crowded marketplace, and to throwing money at advertising and a complicated digital presence.

Say HELLO to building respectful, warm relationships that keep you in your zone of genius while building your branding powerhouse…

I built my own thriving business by leveraging the power of LinkedIn, and I want to help you do the same.

Making valuable connections and getting more sales and repeatable results can happen with the right LinkedIn strategy. I know…because I do this every day, and I teach my private clients the same system.

And the best part? Right now, LinkedIn is a totally untapped platform.

Very few people are leveraging it at all…and of those that are, even fewer are using it effectively.

Which is why now is the perfect moment for you to make it your core marketing strategy.

You may be thinking that LinkedIn seems corporate or too-buttoned up for your business. But here’s the truth: LinkedIn is the place for talented, smart and passionate people who build businesses that change lives. It’s where you can be yourself and share your genius with the world.

LinkedIn is where your personal brand lives.

And when you uplevel your brand, it can quite literally change the course of your brand forever.

So many businesses fail because the founders aren’t making the right connections. So many smart and capable people not achieving their dreams because they don’t know some of the foundational tools and pieces they need for success.

Every day, I see people spending money on techniques that WON’T bring them sales, while ignoring one of the most powerful marketing platforms there is. A platform that I know will consistently and elegantly lead to sales – the very life-blood of business.

As an entrepreneur, you are the life blood of our nation’s economy and wealth. And I care about you. I want you to have abundant success, and I want you to see how easy getting consistent new clients can be!

Here’s what people say about Karen on LinkedIn!

Kate Traci
Writer, Ghost-Blogger, Social Media Consultant

“Karen’s LinkedIn program is so so good. She breaks it down really well- super easy for anyone to follow and get the job done in tiny chunks that don’t take a lot of time and aren’t scary. Love it! Everyone getting started on LinkedIn (or making sure they are using it fully) needs to take her programs! I fully recommend Karen for all things Social Media related.”

Sivan Sergott

If you want to learn how to get more clients for your business by learning all the ins and outs of LinkedIn, then Karen’s your gal! I took a one day seminar with Karen where she explained strategies for utilizing all the various tools offered by LinkedIn to help you gain more visibility for your business. If you think LinkedIn isn’t for you then work with Karen and see the benefits you’ll get from using this professional site”

Cara Gubbins
Author at Divine Beings

“Before I started this class, I felt like LI wasn’t for me – I just didn’t see how it could help me. Now, I totally see its benefit of showcasing me and my talents and my training in a very positive, professional way. The ability to get all this info in once place in an easy way for potential clients to check me out is totally worth it! And I know we’re not done yet! There is more and I am excited to see what the next lessons bring!

LinkedIn is all about the win-win.

LinkedIn is all about building meaningful and authentic relationships – it’s about making connections that will change how you do business. It’s also about establishing yourself and getting recognized as an expert in your field. This means wins for you and wins for your connections.

But there’s a strategy involved.

A lot of people aren’t really sure how to use LinkedIn and make it work in an intentional, strategic way. They set up their profile and let it gather cyber-dust because they don’t know what to do next. Or they just jump on occasionally, make a bunch of connections, and spam them with their offers.

In my new program, learn all the strategies and tools you need to make LinkedIn work for you. In fact, this is the first time I am making some of these strategies available outside of my private clients.

Get LinkedUp! Will literally take you by the hand and shows you what to do to every week. You’ll learn how to:

•   Nurture connections
•   Be authentic
•   Position yourself as an expert
•   Make people in your circles feel great.
​​​​​​​•   BE a person of influence, while expanding your OWN sphere of influence.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Relationships and authenticity are at the heart of what I teach. I leave absolutely nothing out, nothing stands to chance. Everything I tell you to do is calculated to produce the best results. It’s a proven system that will allow you to quickly scale your business (or even find the perfect job) using LinkedIn.

Cathy Sykora
Business Coach for Health Coaches

“Karen helped me set up my Linked In Profile. Her expertise and patience made the slow tedious and confusing process easy. My profile immediately got more notice and it finally looks like someone “lives” there. I would recommend her to anyone who needs to learn how to take full advantage of any social media platform and especially LinkedIn.”

Marsha Shandur
Networking Mentor

“Karen is a GENIUS. Within moments of talking to her, she had already given me AMAZING advice and direction. I went almost immediately from totally intimidated by LinkedIn, to feeling like I fully understand it, have several fantastic ideas on how to use it to bring in clients, and (most importantly) that using LinkedIn can be something I actively ENJOY! Karen has the kind of friendly, open manner that means you feel completely safe to reveal what intimidates you about social media. Rather than giving you identikit advice, she has brilliant ideas that are tailored specifically to YOU. “

Tally Nothey
Reputation Marketing Specialist

“Karen has amazing social media insight. Using LinkedIn to leverage your profile is at the core of business success which many people seem to overlook at their peril. Karen has the ability to make it all seem so easy and it all makes sense to me now. I have a clear insight into how I can reach more customers and raise awareness for my business and the Autism charity that I work for. I highly recommend Karen to guide to you to success. “

The LinkedIn Evangelist for Entrepreneurs

Social Media Evangelist Karen Yankovich helps businesses and entrepreneurs create successful strategies on LinkedIn and other social channels that will build profits. The founder of Uplevel Media, LLC, Karen is an internationally acclaimed LinkedIn strategist and a leading authority on Conversational Social Media Marketing. A popular speaker and instructor, Karen has contributed to Daily Worth, Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner and Career Talk Radio on Sirius XM Radio, and is the host of the Good Girls Get Rich Podcast.

Annette Naif
Event Producer – Successful Event Planning Strategist

I took Karen’s LinkedUp Revolution course and it was fantastic. I loved it so much I have referred it to so many people looking to improve their LinkedIn skills, and will continue to do so….This program has increased my connections tremendously in just a few weeks. If you put in the time, it will work for you too. I highly recommend Karen and her programs!

Leon Fraser
Marketing Pro, Strategy Consultant, Business Educator

“Karen brought to light a term that she originated – Conversational Marketing – and made the case on how it would work in both B2C and B2B environments. She pointed out some underutilized strategies involving LinkedIn and Twitter in a product launch. Karen’s presentation received high marks and she is certainly a strategist with fresh ideas about social media and how to put these ideas into action for a company.

Julie Wienen Withrow
High Ticket Sales Funnel Consultant

Wow! I thought I knew a thing or two about LinkedIn. But learning from Karen made me realize just how much more potential there is — and how I was just scraping the surface. As a success coach for women entrepreneurs — and a career marketing professional — I rarely see an online marketing strategy I haven’t tried before. But I had no idea how I could use LinkedIn to target exactly the people I’d love to partner with and have as clients. No matter what you sell — from products to services — there’s GOLD hidden in LinkedIn for your business. I highly recommend Karen as the teacher and mentor to help you mine it!

What Can I Expect From Get LinkedUp?

Brand New Content, Brand New Strategy

Right from the start, we’ll dive into the exact systems and methods you will use to create a LinkedIn strategy – and I’ll be with you every step of the way. Get LinkedUp is packed with my newest training materials and includes interactive group discussions and sessions – along with bonuses and other surprises. You’ll get:


Six Training Modules: Each Monday during the six-week program, you’ll get a new module of training materials that will transform your profile and help you build the exact right strategy for your business. You’ll get how-to guides, templates and samples with each module that walk you through every step of the process.

Private Facebook Group: You’ll get exclusive access to my private Facebook group where you’ll connect with not only me and my team, but the other Get LinkedUp members. You’ll be able to ask questions, brainstorm on ideas, and even get feedback on your profiles as we move through the material each week.

Live Q&A calls: Every month I’ll be blocking off my calendar to meet with the Get LinkedUp group members on a live call where you can ask me any questions, fine-tune your strategies, share your progress. Plus, I’ll be on Zoom at my computer, so I can screenshare and review any piece of LinkedIn live and in detail.

Bonus Materials: I’m giving away tons of bonus material with Get LinkedUp including exclusive content that may only be available for one time only:

1. How to Use LinkedIn to Become a Celebrity! ($997)
2. How to Use LinkedIn to Fill Your Speaking Calendar ($497)
3. (Realtors) How to Use LinkedIn for More Listings and Buyers ($497)
4. How to Use LinkedIn for Health Coaches ($497)
5. (VA’s) How to Offer LinkedIn Services for Your Clients ($497)
6. 30 minute one on one call with Karen ($497)

Get LinkedUp: 6 Modules for Building Your Powerful LinkedIn Strategy

 Module 1: How to Get Found With Your LinkedIn Profile

How do you develop a profile that makes people say, “Where have you been hiding all my life?!” When you know just a few key secrets, which you’ll learn in this module, your profile will almost write itself.

 Module 2: How to Build a Network of Valuable Connections

Don’t just wait for people to find you; get proactive with your LinkedIn network. This module will help you become magnetic with your outreach and connection efforts. The more connections you have, the more powerful your marketing becomes.

 Module 3: Creative Ways to Build Authentic Relationships

Tired of following formulaic outreach templates that feel like an ill-fitting pair of pants? This module will teach you to be yourself while building authentic connections with people who matter to you and your business.

 Module 4: Stay Top of Mind for Your LinkedIn Connections

Stop being the best kept secret in town! This module will help you amp up your visibility and stay in touch with your connections in an authentic way. When you’re at the front of people’s minds, your referrals will start to skyrocket.

 Module 5: Master the Secrets of LinkedIn Groups

Say goodbye to awkwardly juggling of a plate of cheese and crackers while shaking someone’s hand, squinting at their name tag, and trying to think of something scintillating to say. Instead, go straight into the forums where people are already engaged in the discussions that really light you up.

 Module 6: How to Scale Your LinkedIn Outreach

If you could have anyone with an international stage in your corner, who would pick? In this module, learn how to scale your outreach on LinkedIn to connect with key influencers, journalists, and PR gatekeepers to skyrocket visibility for your business.

Suzi Istvan
WordPress Website Designer & Developer

” I honestly thought this was going to be something I did not have time for- in fact, I thought I’d have my assistant do it for me! Instead, your tips are SO well explained that its become the first thing I do every morning when I sit down at my computer, and I look forward to doing a new step every day!”

Allegra Stein
Coach, Expedition Leader for Life

Working with Karen to develop my LinkedIn profile was so eye-opening and refreshing. Not only is she incredibly kind, she knows her business and what she’s talking about. I definitely owe her credit for helping build my social media confidence.”

Simone Craig
Spiritual Teacher & Sacred Calling Coach

“I love working with Karen. Her robust, in-depth, detailed and actionable advice for my LinkedIn presence has been invaluable. I’ve already seen a significant increase in the traffic to my site since implementing the changes she suggested. Not only is she a Linked In expert, she’s a brilliant business strategist. From just 1 tip from Karen, I had 2 clients in less than 24 hours. Talk about results! She’s so kind and it’s always a pleasure to connect with her. I feel extremely lucky to have her ‘in my corner’ as a go-to expert for business advice.”

Yes Karen, I’m Ready to Get Started!

Risk Free, 15 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Get ready to…

• Create a stand-out LinkedIn profile
• Make authentic connections
• Strategically expand your reach
​​​​​​​• Showcase your expertise
​​​​​​​• Gain visibility
​​​​​​​• Grow consistently
​​​​​​​• Get massive results

 Multi-Sensory, Mobile Friendly Learning – access content on any device

 Unlimited Access and Updates For 12 Months FOREVER! You’re a founding member!

 Private Facebook Group – interact with Karen and other group members

 Revisit Content All content is accessible whenever you want – everything is recorded and waiting for you in the Members Area  Community With Personal Interaction From Karen and Her Team Of Experts  Bonus materials – Worth $5000+

You might have questions like…..

Is this for me?

Truthfully, I’ve yet to meet a business owner or entrepreneur who will not benefit from the methods and systems I teach in Get LinkedUp … even if you think….

“I don’t have time! I’m already spending all of my time on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter – I can’t add one more thing!”

That’s a common complaint. Listen, I think of LinkedIn as being the front door to my digital presence. It’s where I meet and greet, and then I can strategically move conversations elsewhere. Everyone there is looking to do the same thing – meet people, and help them grow their business, while growing their own.

We’ve all seen the drop off in visibility on Facebook. And on LinkedIn you’re not fighting for space in clogged news feeds. Plus, it takes less time than other platforms, it doesn’t suck your life away, and well…it brings in the right kind business. LinkedIn is THE PLACE to connect with the clients you can’t wait to do business with. You can’t afford not to be there. I guarantee that after this program you’ll be spending less time on social media, and getting BETTER results.

“I’m introverted, and I don’t want to be talking to people I don’t know”

A stranger is only someone you haven’t met yet. LinkedIn is authentic and transparent, and everyone is there to talk business. So you don’t have to make small talk, or share details of your private life. It’s ideal for introverts (and extroverts, to be honest!). On Get LinkedUp! I’ll show you how to find people, engage with them, and position yourself, so that THEY want to connect with you. It’s a two-way street.

“I hate ‘fake friendships’, how is this different?”

LinkedIn isn’t about friendship; it’s about business networking. It’s about giving and receiving help, introductions, and influence in order to connection with the right people, make authentic connections, and finally, make more sales. Get LinkedUp will show you exactly how to create powerful collaborations that have the potential to grow your business exponentially. You’ll start energizing your entire LinkedIn strategy right away.